USAID Webinar on Environmental Enteropathy and WASH

September 20, 2013 by WASHplus

The very best programs focusing on nutritional intake have only solved 1/3 of the stunting problem, and no nutritional research trial has ever normalized linear growth. Adequate diet is necessary for healthy growth, but is not sufficient. Meanwhile, improved water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) is associated with decreased stunting and has the same average effect as the very best infant feeding interventions. We now know that environmental enteropathy (EE), a condition of the child’s intestine, is brought on by living in a dirty environment, can have a very profound impact on stunting, and can be partially reversed through WASH interventions.

This webinar discusses the latest EE findings, including how WASH can be integrated into USAID nutrition and other programs.

The webinar was sponsored by the USAID Community of Practice: The Nexus between WASH, Nutrition and Food Security with support from the USAID-funded TOPS program and WASHplus project.


Laura Smith, Cornell University
Helen Petach, USAID
Tom Davis, TOPS Program/Food for the Hungry

  • Watch the webinar here.

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Environmental Enteropathy and WASH
EE: Going Beyond Nutrition to Understand Child Growth and Development
Community of Practice: The Nexus between WASH, Nutrition, Food Security